Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Electric President - Self Titled

I remeber downloading this album before it was released last year from indietorrents before I was banned (stupid ratios) and it really made my christmas trip to visit the family really relaxing. Nice bleeps, bloops, clicks, hums, and bells. Nothing really revolutionary but I liked it. I hope these dudes make some more music.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey shutupyouruglyface. i just ran through your blog on a random google search for electric president. and i'd like to commend your music taste awesomeness!and thank you for you posting some music to share with people. however, i'm having trouble with megaupload so if its not much of a problem, do you happen to also have sendspace links of electric president and the boy least likely to? i'm d/l here in the office and i usually dont have problems with megaupload but somethings wrong right now and i really really want to listen to electric president and the boy least likely to. thank you in advance. much love earl (

12:29 AM  

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